Outfitting Your Display Booth For A Craft Show

On the day of the craft show or outdoor market, here is a readiness checklist:

A ten by ten foot folding canopy tent

Two (2) four to five gallon buckets filled halfway with sand or pebble stone. These can be made from old detergent or cat litter containers or substitute a heavy cooler (with handles) full of ice and soda pop for one of the buckets. Several bungee cords for securing the tent to the buckets as well as tent stakes and a hammer will keep the tent secure from gusts of wind. Or purchase a ready made set of weight bags

Four tarps eight feet by ten foot and bungee tie downs for mounting the tarps to the tent sidewalls. Tarps can keep out the rain, protect from the sun or wind and control walk through traffic. Or purchase tent sides at outfitting stores

One to five folding tables; depending on the size of the venue, bring four or five tables, six to eight folding chairs and brightly colored table covers and spring clips for securing table covers to the tables

Two easels for displaying products for sale; One easel supports a picture framed pegboard, so carry a variety of pegboard hooks

Lunch kit including all picnicking supplies, wet washcloth, mosquito, and/or bug spray

A portable office setup in a briefcase, which includes a cell phone, scissors, pen, pencil, markers, note paper, sales receipts, calculator, business cards, push pins, stapler, flyers of upcoming events

Bring a box fan and extension cords in case electric outlets are available.

Carry a small tool kit, whichCraft Show Tool Kit includes pliers, screwdrivers, hammer, utility knife, tape, zip ties and an assortment of extra nuts and bolts custom matching what your entire setup uses. Sometimes during setup and tear down, screws, nuts, and bolts become loose, fall off, and can get lost

Bring a clipboard and sign up form for customers to furnish their contact information for updates on upcoming products and events

For special occasions, pack flags, banners, party lights or other decorations appropriate to the event

Do not forget a starting cash drawer; of course, take extra inventory, just in case of a buying spree.

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