Kim Kardashian And The Op-Yop In Clawson

It was exciting to see a movie being shot in Clawson, Michigan, home town of the multimillion selling toy, the Op-Yop.

The George Clooney movie “The Ides Of March” was being filmed here in town and a couple of our neighborhood locations had been chosen for the activity.  Like so many other local residents, I went to the area to see what a movie set looked like.  It looked in some small part like the crowd gathered for Clawson’s famous annual Fourth of July Parade.  I took along a few of our Op-Yops hoping to pass them onto someone who may create some publicity for us.  Believe it or not we easily approached a group of some very Hollywood looking people standing in the parking lot of the still new Nick’s Country Oven Restaurant (formerly home of the Nippon Kai Japanese Restaurant for over 30 years).  We asked if we could give them some of our toys for the cast or crew to play around with.  A very tall good looking gentleman said yes and accepted a handful.  Darcy demonstrated how to start it up and play with it.  She explained that she was the owner and maker of the toy.  He asked “What is it?…A Yo-Yo?” And of course we agreed that it is a sort of side to side Yo-Yo, a good enough description for this truly unique toy.  He then turned to his left and handed one of the toys to a very beautiful woman.  He turned back to us and said that we might recognize her as the A-list Kim Kardashion from television fame.  Upon hearing the celebrity’s’ name, Darcy immediately jumped into her promotional role as the chief publicist for her Op-Yop and exclaimed “Photo-Op”!!!  This surprise to the small group got us invited to leave the immediate area.  Apparently, the star’s privacy is guarded from Clawson’s famous predatory Op-Yop publicity-seeking paparazzi.

I later looked up the star’s (?) name on the internet and yes, that was indeed who it was, Kim Kardashion.  What did I know.  I really should mention that before today, I knew George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood were movie stars.  After all, I live in Clawson, not under a Gieco rock.



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