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Famous 1960 and 1970 toy fad

Really Big Buttons

Want To Clown Around? The first thing you need is a costume: how about a costume with Really Big Buttons. These buttons measure 2 inches in diameter. Two Inches is HUGE. You can choose all one color, or an assortment … Continue reading

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Op-Yop Retro Toy Sales Spanned Two Decades

The Op-Yop Fad Lasted For Years.  Our 1960’s toy the Op-Yop may be a 1970’s toy craze too. The Op-Yop stayed in the stores a lot longer than we originally thought.  We recently received a letter from a young lady … Continue reading

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How To Set Up A Craft Show Display Booth

Our craft display booth and it’s ‘easy one -person setup’ has drawn a lot of questions from other sellers about “how to” choose the right items and erect them on site. It is quick, easy, and simple. Follow these instructions … Continue reading

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Share Your Op-Yop Memories

This post is where opyoppers can share their favorite memories of the Op-Yop toy.  Just leave a comment below and it will be published for all the world to enjoy.  If you experience problems leaving a comment, you can email … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian And The Op-Yop In Clawson

It was exciting to see a movie being shot in Clawson, Michigan, home town of the multimillion selling toy, the Op-Yop. The George Clooney movie “The Ides Of March” was being filmed here in town and a couple of our … Continue reading

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