An OP-YOP Story...

Hundreds of these vintage toys were discovered left over from the original 1960's production.  They are part of the millions sold throughout the United States in the mid to late 1960's and early 1970's, thanks in part to the
"Lunch with Soupy  Sales" TV program. 
Soupy Op-Yop Display Card

It's an authentic American-made toy for everyone young or old.
At least once in your life, you should enjoy the delight of playing with one. 
Happily, we are making true to the original Op-Yops again; t
he discs, finger rings, and labels are all from the same 1960's molds and  art... and is still hand-made in Michigan. 
To preserve that one-of-a-kind op-yop, clik-clak sound, they are made from Day-Glo brand colors using the special, original formula plastic... all Made In The USA.
To distinguish them from the pictured 1968 versions, we label them Yop-Yops.
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Scroll down to see videos and pictures of the happy, smiling faces of new Op-Yoppers enjoying their amazing discovery.

Thanks to everyone for your support,

Darcy, Owner and Master Yopper

Darcy Star Owner and Master Yopper

2010 yop-yops
2017 Op-yops....Pictured on the left is a new, true to the original reproduction Op-yop in traditional colors.  On the right is a Red, White, and Blue Patriot Limited Edition.

View Some Of Our Customer Videos

Charles Winds His Op-Yop

Henry Ford Endorses The Op-Yop

                      Market Yop Yop Stand

The Op-Yop Display at the Clawson Farmers Market


Longtime Residents of Redruth Street in Clawson Are Now Proud Owners of 3 Op-yops

Youngest YopperInstant Know

Yoppers Enjoying Their New Toy

young yopper
Young Yopper

Can't Op-Yop and Carry at the same time

                  Experts Shari and Piper

Op-Yop Experts Shari and Piper
at the Warren, Mi Sunday Farmer's Market

                  Expert Yopper

Happy Warren Op-Yop Customer


Another Smiling Op-Yop Expert


WOW!!! Instant Op-Yop Success

Op-Yop At
                  Warren Market for First Time

Op-Yop Booth at Warren, MI Farmers Market for First Time

                  Board Closeup

Closeup Of Op-Yop Display

                  Op-Yop Herself At Clawson Fourth of July Celebration

Miss Op-Yop In Front Of Her Display
at The Clawson Fourth Of July Celebration

                  Clawson Park Craft Show

The Clawson Park Craft Show
Every July4th

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Click Here To Visit The Op-Yop 2010 Maker Faire Event Page Held at the Henry Ford

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